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Business owners, entrepreneurs and high growth leaders often find themselves faced with challenges to grow your revenue OR spend time doing things you enjoy.

Most historical norms would lead to the assumption that you can only have one.

Those two things DO NOT have to be mutually exclusive.

It is fully possible to create the lifestyle you want with a business that supports that.


It’s called Intentional Alignment




1.  done on purpose; deliberate.




1. arrangement in a straight line, or in correct or appropriate relative positions.


Put simply

Intentional Alignment is to create harmony in your life with full, deliberate, and purposeful meaning


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"Luke is a go getter in both leadership and business development. The clarity in his vision and his diligence in execution is only superseded by his ability to build and lead teams. As a customer and partner to his organization, I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to ramp up their performance and get massive results."

Stan G.





"Luke is an outstanding strategic planner that is always looking for the value proposition in every activity that focuses on the mission and customer needs. Luke's ability to listen to the customer and understand their needs places him at the for front of business development opportunities that we have worked together. When working strategic fit analysis, competitive assessments or win strategy considerations, Luke's leadership and integrity are always carry the day, everyday; he is a tremendous asset to any team."

Ray C.


"Luke is THE guy for all things business, across all of my business interests. Whether its profit generation, commercialization, strategic growth or operational execution- he is the guy that I turn to. My personal and business top and bottom lines have increased 3x since working with him."

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