On a mission to leave behind a trail of better humans

Luke spent his early years as an Air Force fighter pilot in the mighty A-10 Warthog where he learned the principles of Communication, Initiative and Accountability that formed the foundation for the way he leads, invests in and grows businesses today. 

Amongst his many accolades, Luke is the recipient of a Combat Action Medal, and Single Mission Air Medal for combat operations flown in the A-10 Warthog.  He is a 40 under 40 award winner, Forbes Business Council Member, and three time INC 5000 awardee.

Other fighter pilots call him "PSYCH", and you can too!



PSYCH is an active CEO and Investor in multiple businesses ranging from Radio Frequency Manufacturing to Hospitality. 

He has grown companies to multiple 7 & 8 figures while opening up both the top and bottom line. He created a tried and true mechanism to make companies work like well oiled machines- a framework called the Entrepreneurial Accelerator Framework TM



Luke is the host of the Top Rated Podcast, Shift Work. His podcast is a chart topper in both Entrepreneurship and Personal Development.

He travels across US and Europe delivering his power packed keynotes that encourage leaders to become the future best version of themselves.

You: 2.0 is a riveting speech targeted at individuals that are committed to personal development and high performance. 

The Vault: Leadership Secrets behind Fighter Pilot Success is delivered in both Keynote and Workshop format for high performance corporate teams and sales organizations. 




Luke lost himself along the way, allowing priorities to give way to income.

It became his life’s ambition to coach others to completely realign your life so that you can get all the things you want to ENJOY in life without sacrificing the growth of my business.

It's not a matter of choosing A or B, it's a matter of choosing A and B

What he learned is that you can:

  Live intentionally today, creating full alignment

  Skip the steps in the process and accelerate your growth

  Apply a framework for Entrepreneurial Acceleration

  Create a Championship Life

It doesn’t have to be One or the Other – Money or Happiness.

What people are saying about Luke

"Luke is a go getter in both leadership and business development. The clarity in his vision and his diligence in execution is only superseded by his ability to build and lead teams. As a customer and partner to his organization, I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to ramp up their performance and get massive results."

Stan G.

"Luke is an outstanding strategic planner that is always looking for the value proposition in every activity that focuses on the mission and customer needs. Luke's ability to listen to the customer and understand their needs places him at the for front of business development opportunities that we have worked together. When working strategic fit analysis, competitive assessments or win strategy considerations, Luke's leadership and integrity are always carry the day, everyday; he is a tremendous asset to any team."

Ray C.

"Luke is THE guy for all things business, across all of my business interests. Whether its profit generation, commercialization, strategic growth or operational execution- he is the guy that I turn to. My personal and business top and bottom lines have increased 3x since working with him."

Kyle L.

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