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So you think you have a great message? 

If so, you are in the right place-so do I! I am on a mission to leave behind a trail of better humans and I believe your experience should be shared with the audience!

The Shift Work podcast focuses on three areas:

  • High Performance Leadership Habits

  • Business Strategy and Tactics

  • Brain Science (Persuasion and Influence) 

As part of Living with Intentional Alignment I believe we must focus equal parts on Health, Wealth & Relationships.  

I want to hear your unique experiences and expertise in all of these areas.

I am specifically looking for guests who have a message to share that is well thought out, informative, engaging and challenges commonly held beliefs.

Listen to the most recent episode as Luke attacks the business tactics and strategies, high performance habits, and brain science necessary to grow and scale businesses.

In this weekly show he deconstructs world-class high performers from across the globe and digs deep to find the tools, tactics, and tricks you can use as a high growth entrepreneur to accelerate your personal and business growth.

Prepare to shift your mindset into that of a high performing modern CEO.

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What the Shift Work Podcast listeners are saying

"This is an information-packed show, hosted by a creative, inspirational, and experienced leader and entrepreneur/visionary. Don't miss the mindset lessons that Luke provides along with his sound strategies for building and scaling your business to new heights!"

Dipfong from Apple Podcasts

“Shift Work” presents an interesting, value driven blend of stories, lessons, and actionable strategies in the high performance space. These elements and more make the podcast easy to consume and a great investment of one’s time. I especially enjoy Luke’s storytelling skills - solid! His stories are instantly engaging, and often quite funny while also perfectly making their points. A well done podcast."

Christine Whitmarsh
Publisher, The Ink Agency

"I'm always looking for leaders in the mindset space because when I can effectively manage my mindset, thats when I find I am most productive. Im even more drawn to mindset research backed by brain science. Luke shared proven methodologies about brain science work that can make anyone a more effective CEO!"

PalmCali from Aple Podcasts

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