4 steps to destroying the sacred cow keeping your growth flat

A sacred cow is defined as : an idea, custom, or institution held, especially unreasonably, to be above criticism (with reference to the Hindus' respect for the cow as a sacred animal).

In your business the sacred cow shows up with statements like-

I would, but I have to…..

I can’t. because….

That’s not possible for us, due to….

If only _______ weren’t true, then ______ would happen

In order to slay that sacred cow you have to first identify it and be ready to get rid of it for good.

Ask yourself these 4 questions:

  1. What is the one thing thing I find myself repeating about why my business is “different”?
  2. If you had more resources, what’s the first thing to fix?
  3. If you stopped doing one thing, what would it be?
  4. In 1 year, when you look back at what you started doing that made you be more successful, what would it be?

Get curious about the largest distraction in your life that is prohibiting the growth you want and the revenue you deserve. When you slay the sacred cow, what will your business look like in 1 year?

Keep Hustling, and Keep being broke

The lack of a work ethic isn’t the killer that’s keeping the zero’s from piling up in your bank account. As a matter of fact, you are likely just one of many entrepreneurs who work very diligently. But the question isn’t how well you work- thats what an employer looks for in a good employee.

The problem is the captain of the ship doesn’t have any business swabbing the decks, maintaining the engines or feeding the sailors. We all know that though, whether or not we put it into practice is a completely different story.

If you had to look at your mentors and identify 2 or 3 high performance habits, what would you say they do differently from a struggling entrepreneur that translates directly into bottom line revenue? And if you can’t think of a good mentor that you already know, then you can ask me how I do it.

The secret is simple..

Your ability to keep your energy high and to manage distractions is integral to your success

Are you able to maintain resolute with the high priority items you know need to be accomplished throughout the day? Or are you the type of person that is answering all the random e-mails that pop up 1 by 1 throughout the day?

I spent a dozen years flying jets. There were PLENTY of things that could have been distracting, and the closer to the ground you were, the more deadly each would be. I am successful because I am resolute- and I do not allow distractions to take me off course.

What distractions keep you from making tons of money?  And how do you crush them when they occur?

I hung up my G Suit for this one reason

Flying high performance jet aircraft is extremely rewarding. Some things were more rewarding than others- like flying at 100 feet above the ground at 350 Miles Per Hour, or shooting a bullet the size of a coke bottle at 100 rounds per second.

I didn’t particularly love flying on instruments through a snowstorm and landing at a blacked out field on night vision goggles (we’ll save that story for another day). But, I left it for one reason...

It’s easy to see it now that I am on the other side of it living in a dream home and taking luxurious vacations. The reason I hung up my G-suit was simple- it was a distraction

You see, flying jets was still playing small. I was still a blue collar employee, I just happened to have a bad ass blue collar job. As you’ll soon find out, there are multiple distractions that are keeping you from the success you want in life.

In order for you to start stepping over those roadblocks like an Olympic hurdler, you are going to have to stop protecting all the sacred cows.

What distraction is keeping you from the 7 figures in your checking out you are striving for?


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