10 Core Beliefs to Close 2020

Core Belief 1.

Changing perspective changes expectations 

Spoiler Alert: Very few things in life are “real”

Remember hearing there are only two guarantees in life? Death and Taxes?

This is probably a little too rudimentary, but when you begin to realize that there are very few things that are rooted in fact, you can begin to control the way you perceive them- and more importantly the outcome.

If you can shift your mind to consider the meaning you align to an object or action is fully in control.

Take gravity for instance- what does it mean for you? Does it mean the same thing for me? What value do we assign to gravity?

How about when someone cuts you off? What value do you assign to that?

As you can begin to shift the way you PERCEIVE things and the meaning you have to you, you can then shift the EXPECTATIONS around them.  


Core Belief 2.

A rising tide floats all boats

Good news: there are no losers in the game of business.

Seriously, the played out concept there has to be winners AND losers was completely dispelled in 2020. 

Neither business, nor life ,operate like sports. 

In football, baseball, soccer (futbol)- someone always has to lose. There is a victor and someone walks away defeated. 

But in life, the clock only runs out one time. 

There are lots of starting lines, but only one finish line. 

You see, when we play the game of life, we can all win. 

If I give a pay raise, they then spend more money on luxuries, which pays more employees- and the cycle continues. 

Great news- we’re all going to win this game of life. Today’s your #luckyday

Tag someone who needs to hear this.  



Core Belief 3.

Everything measured improves  

The reason things don’t seem to turn out well is because you don’t measure them.

When was the last time you baked a cake and dumped in however much flour felt right?

How about the last time you committed to exercising for 15 minutes and didn’t set a timer?

If your goals for the new year are to run a 5k, there needs to be a measure so you know when you’ve gotten there.

If your goal is to grow your business, start a new project, develop a new skill- you need to create a roadmap for how to get there.

@gregsreid said “A dream written down with a date becomes a goal. A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan. A plan backed by action makes your dreams come true”

When you add measures to your actions, you become accountable for making your dreams come true.  



Core Belief 4.

Put your shoes on 

What do your shoes have to do with your ability to change your life?

No one ever got skinny by running a marathon. They got skinny because they lived a healthy lifestyle and were consistent in their actions. 

No one ever got fat because they ate a whole pizza. They got fat because they choose consistently to make poor food selections.

But if you are going to commit to that healthy lifestyle- before you run the marathon, before you run a mile, and before you take your first step- you put your shoes on.

So if in your mind you know you want to get healthier, and you know you want to take the first step- just put your shoes on.

Once you have your shoes on you have a significantly higher likelihood of moving your body!

So you see, the shoes you choose are an integral step in every good decision- the first step is CHOOSING you want to do it.  



Core Belief 5.

Start before you are ready

The absolute WORST thing you can EVER do is wait to start when you have it all figured out.

Of course, do your research, see what makes sense, take a look at what others have done ahead of you.

But whatever you do, DON'T wait until you think you have it all figured out.

Don’t wait until you think that you have the “right” answer.

Don’t wait until you have talked it over with your friends and family (Hint:they probably aren’t the right judges anyway)

Want to run a mile? Grab a pair of shoes and start moving.

Want to start a business? Come up with your idea, sell it first, then build it.

There is only one key to massive success:

🔑Take imperfect action, consistently.

Don’t wait until you have the product built.

Don’t wait until you get approval from your family.

Don’t wait for the market to be ready.

Don’t wait until you lose 5 pounds.

Go gather the information you need and ask the questions that will get you off the ground….

And just start 🏁  



Core Belief 6.

Create habits, not goals

Urgent! 92% of people who set goals never reach them.

That’s terrible news, unless of your course you are part of the 8%.

OR, if you are a part of goal setters who believe that setting goals is about mindset and making your intention known to the environment. 

You may call it law of attraction or manifestation, but by calling your attention to where you want yourself to be in the future you begin to walk towards that objective.

Goals set your intention and put you on your path, and they define the playing field on which you want to operate.

But getting there is a whole different story.

Common research that is takes 18 to 254 days to form a habit.

Or measured differently it takes an average of 72 instances before something becomes a habit.

Think about it. 

You have two or three things that you do right now that you shouldn’t likely do, but you didn’t always do those things. 

Somewhere along the way you did that thing enough times that it became second nature to you.

While setting goals is extremely important, creating habits is even more important. 

Commit to doing something 1 time, then once you do it, commit to doing it a second…..until you’ve done it 72 times and it’s so easy that you had no idea how you did it any other way.  



Core Belief 7.

You get everything you ask for, literally

Do you think it’s possible to have your biggest year yet?

Having everything that you want in life has only one single step.


This is a double edge sword, this can be good and bad.

If you carry yourself through life being afraid of a sickness, or financial despair, or pain- you begin to operate on that frequency and attract more of those things.

Conversely, if you believe that health and strength, abundance and wealth are in your future, and you set your mind to it- it’s as easy as asking for it

Want me to prove it to you?

Manifest something small. Call it into existence, set your intention upon it, visualize it, then forget it. Visualize something as small as a free cup of coffee coming your way.

The universe does not understand scope nor time. There is no discrimination between a million dollars and a cup of coffee, just the way you set your intention upon it.  



Core Belief 8.

Be remarkable, Be memorable, Be replaceable

Who is the most important person in your business? 

I hope you answer that it is you!

It is immeasurably important that we strive in our business and professional life to be absolutely incredible. 

To be remarkable means that you are worthy of attention, but it is likely given to you because of the way that you treat others.

As you close the day, the week, the month you should be able to walk away from your profession and have others remember you- not for WHAT you did, but for the WAY that you treated them.

But most importantly, you should be replaceable. You should create a business that doesn’t need you. 

The true measure of success as an entrepreneur is when you can walk away from it. 

Every minute that you then CHOOSE to spend in your business, you choose to focus on the things that have the highest impact in the lives of others.  


Core Belief 9.

Give more than you expect to receive

Is it hard for you to give without expecting something in return?

Ok. I’ll confess, it used to be VERY hard for me to give to others. 

There were a few barriers that really got in the way, but the hardest thing for me to give was money.

I came from such a mindset of scarcity, believing that if I gave I would “run out”.

Later in life I began to correlate my time and money as one and the same. I had always been willing to help out, lend a hand, offer a word of encouragement.

So why not be able to give my money?

Once I broke the mindset of scarcity I began to find that money exists every where in the world. It’s all around me and I can have as much or as little as I choose to have. 

The indigenous population of Peru (Andean) refer to the term “Ayni”, meaning the concept of reciprocity or mutualism. It is considered the backbone of life.

Two key realizations have to occur for you to fully understand this concept.

     1. Money is not yours. It freely comes and freely goes. The less you hold on to it, the more easy it is to come.
     2. True giving, has no expectation of receiving in return.

Try it this holiday season. Give something with no expectation of return.  



Core Belief 10.

First things first, second things never

Last but not least…the single most important thing for you to consider in everything that you do. 

We spend all of our lives filling up minutes with things that aren’t important. 

Social Media (🤦), snacking, talking on the phone, finding the end of internet, YouTubing, waiting in line, “shopping” for the sake of shopping.

It is mind numbing when you count the number of minutes in the day spent on things that just don’t matter.

There are multiple “first” priorities in life, whether business, family, friends, relationships etc.

Im not advocating that you focus on one and forego the others.

But, I am absolutely advocating that when you start any task, project, relationships etc-

The first thing you do HAS to be the most important and of highest consequence with the greatest impact! 

If you never get two number two, well- that's okay!


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