Two simple hacks (and entry points) to greater prosperity

When you make the decision you are going to level up your game, how do you start the process? Let’s say for instance that you decide you want to lose some weight or get in shape, how do you do it?

A lot of people would just decide to skip a few meals, reduce some calories, eat less pasta.…..go for a short run, lift some heavy things or start a yoga class. But do you know why most of those people stay fat? They have absolutely no plan, no support and no accountability.

Entrepreneurship and wealth building are no different- and most embattled entrepreneurs make the same mistakes. There are lots of ways that you can come up with a plan- the least of which is simply picking up a book or a magazine. But in 2021, there is a sure fire way that you can hack your way to more money, better health and deeper relationships.

The advent of the Information Age has made access to resources incredibly easy:

Step 1. Find a podcast that resonates with you on whatever area you want to improve.  The amount of free information is simply amazing and shouldn’t be discounted.

Step 2. Garner the free resources that mentor puts out that will help you on your way. Once you have found the person who has walked the path you’d like to walk- download their free content and start taking action.

It truly is that simple.  The wealth of free knowledge makes learning completely effortless. The mentor that unlocked significant transformation in my mind and life and unlocked the secrets to creating significant wealth was Jim Fortin.

The Be-Do-Have transformational mini-course (That is entirely free) starts September 2. 

If you have read all the “Find your Why” books and still haven’t found your why…this is where you need to be. Don’t get left on the sidelines, click here. 

News Flash: You can’t actually think outside of the box 

For all those people who tell you to simply think outside the box, I’ve got bad news- It’s physically impossible. You see, the “box”, is simply the constraints that you put on your own view of the world. There are some very simple pictures that we all can recall- like two people standing on opposite sides of a number lying on the ground- the first person swearing the number is a 6, the other in heated anger determine to convince the person it is a 9!

When you view a set of circumstances or actions in your business you are forced to view them through the lens you have created for yourself- your own map of the world. The best example of this is thinking about sitting in the back of a windowless van (A really cool one, not a creepy one). As you look through the front window you are limited by the left, right, top and bottom constraints of the metal surrounding the glass in front of you.

But, if you slide forward in the van or get in the driver’s seat you are able to see there are much different options available to you in your own map. So, this box that you are faced with is simply defined by four forces:

  1. Your experiences
  2. Your emotions
  3. Your values
  4. Your desired outcome

If we can change one of the four, we can view things from a different box- either the box can become bigger or wider. Take for instance a time where you lose a really big contract you were hoping to win. If instead of viewing it as a failure (Values, emotions, etc) we view it as feedback (positive outcome, new experience) we can make our box get bigger.

The easiest and fastest way to make your box bigger is to simply surround yourself with other people who already have bigger or different boxes. Simply by being around them and asking them for their feedback you can see the situation for what it could be instead of what you think it is.

Post a story and tag someone who has been instrumental in helping see a problem through a different lens (tag ME too! I would love to get to know them). 

“I am not who you think I am, You are who you think I am”- Jim Fortin

I specifically remember a time in my life where I was actively searching for a new mentor. I don’t remember the specifics, but someone recommended to me that I needed to find a mentor. In my recollection, the interesting thing I recall is that I had no idea how to even begin to find a mentor. (The more interesting thing is I didn’t actually realize at the time who my mentors were!)

When I was going through the process the best I could come up with was the commander of our fighter squadron. You see, for me at that time, being a commander of a flying squadron was the biggest aspiration I could think of. So naturally, I would pick the person who seemed to have it most together at the time.

Ok- great- now that I knew who it was, what was I supposed to do with that? Should I just walk right up like a lost child and say “Will you be my mentor?” That felt weak and timid and completely out of character for me.

So, I chose nothing. That’s right- inaction. You know what it got me in return?  Also, nothing (Shocker, I know).  No surprise, I didn’t become a squadron commander.  Why? Likely simply because I never set my intent upon it and found the mentors necessary for me to become one.  It certainly wasn’t that I lacked the aviation ability, I had already accomplished that part.

Fast forward a few years and I began to find specific areas of my life that needed improvement. I found mentors (or coaches) that could help me with business, or fitness, or wealth or any number of things. One of the greatest hacks of my life was realizing that I could just pay for the information that I needed.  When I identified a shortcoming or area that needed improvement, I simply just needed to find the person that was already doing it the way I wanted it to be in my life and ask them how they were doing it.

I blow money left and right (take me to a pizza joint and I’ll prove it to you!) But the best ROI I have ever had is paying someone else for their knowledge and experience. One of my current coaches that helps me hone my high performance is Jim Fortin.

If you want to go pretty deep into your own mind and figure out how to sharpen your sword- here is a great entry point. 


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