Manifestation vs Realization Vs “Reality”ization

Oprah Winfrey goes on record often about how she doesn’t need a Vision Board because she able to simply bring things into her mind and set them into motion. Maybe not so easy for those of us that don’t have hundreds of millions of dollars to start with, but there is a very simple path to go from manifestation to reality.

There is a very interesting component of brain science that proves your brain isn’t able to differentiate what is real from not real. In order for us to discern what is fact from fiction we hold our reality together with context clues.

This is most obvious when we have Deja Vous and it clearly feels like we have seen the scene before or even lived the experience. Our brain uses things like probabilities, natural sequences, multi-sensory inputs and other context clues to help us understand what is real from fake. When it comes to setting our vision into reality, we too follow a very logical sequence in order to first BE the person we want to become…

In order to DO the things we need to do…

And then HAVE the things we want in our life

Moving from a vision of things to come to a manifested reality requires three critical components:

Set your Intention.  When future pacing things we want in our lives we can use the same contexts our brain uses to hold our reality together.  By applying sites, sounds, smells, and sensations we are able to “trick” the brain into moving that closer to reality.  In turn we are able to BE the person we need to be in the future by holding it true in our head.

Give your attention. Moving things from your head to your hand requiring DOing the necessary steps to bring these future held visions of ourselves into a reality.

Apply Energy.  We take imperfect, consistent action towards the future version of ourselves by outlining a clear roadmap. 

Then, it’s as easy as following a yellow brick road that we have laid out for yourself. Are you a manifestation master?  Would you like to learn more about how to apply the concept with actionable, practical steps? 

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Why Manifestation is not Magic (But I’ll tell you the secret ingredient)

What the experts don’t tell you about manifestation and the law of attraction is probably the most important ingredient. There is not a doubt in my mind the Law of Attraction exists just like other principles of the universe, including gravity.I have proven it to myself time and time again and seen it active in those around me- used for both positive and negative outcomes. 

Consider this- there are forces at play in the universe that keep all kind of things aligned that we cannot see, hear, taste or feel. Choosing to think the universe is in a ploy against you would be just as easy as accepting the universe is conspiring in your favor.

How is it possible that hypochondriacs are always able to attract the worst diseases? Is it possible to just WANT high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer and to actually get it?

Whether or not it is easy to believe, it is certainly easy to see. How is it that I believe in being healthy and have never had a major illness, barely getting a cold each year? 

I also believe in generating wealth and opportunity- and that comes to me in abundance as much as health. Next generation CEOs are all extremely high performers, and it is easy to diagnose what they do differently than others. It is very simple to see the things they do differently. In order to change the things around you in your environment, you must first commit to becoming the type of person that receives those things. 

Let’s not be so abstract though!

If I want to be a race car driver, I must first visualize what being a race car driver would be like- how I would feel, who I would surround myself with, and how I would act. Then I must simply adopt the behaviors and actions of the person who was already a race car driver. Finally, I would then bring into my environment the tools necessary to assume my new role.

Being an entrepreneur or CEO is no different.

How I brought burnout on myself (and how I brought myself right back out) 

A little known fact for most of my acquaintances is that I used to fly for Delta Air Lines (Side Note: I love the airline and fly them all the time, I just don’t want to be in the front of the bus!)

As I was making the decision to leave Delta I told myself a lot of stories about the reason I was leaving- some were healthy, some not so much. On the back side of leaving the airlines I put myself into an all out work frenzy, taking on anything that would pay me and doing all the WRONG things that Embattled Entrepreneurs do. To say that I was “in the trenches”, or “burning the candle at both ends” would have been gross understatements.

At the end of 6 months of this Work Warfare I began to have a full understanding for the adverse effects of long term fatigue. One of my mentors is notorious for saying “What got you here, won’t get you there” and I have now completely, and unabashedly stolen that as my own creed. In this experience I had to go back to the drawing board to recreate the type of life that I wanted to create for myself. In order to have the things in my life (time, freedom, wealth, happiness, health, peace, etc) that I wanted to enjoy….

It was imperative that I first changed the way that I was in my mind and the way that I perceived my own identity. I went through a very specific process (which are now the foundations of the first module in {Re}Launch) to assume the identity of the type of CEO I needed to be.

Then I was able to do the things necessary, adopt the behaviors, and implement the tools necessary to reclaim my own happiness (without sacrificing any revenue)

As I look back now I know that what is most important to be present to is the balance in your life, and the intentional alignment you are creating for yourself.

Where are you putting energy into your life that may not be the most healthy for you?

When you perceive challenges, do you perceive them from a “possibility” frame or a “problem” frame?

If you are ready to step your game up with a series of free training from my mentor, Jim Fortin, click the link below. The training was so instrumental for me in my own high performance development and I want to share it with you.  There is no doubt,  you will absolutely be transformed-


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