You are twice as smart as you think you are, and half as likely to become a millionaire


The entirety of your education leading up to this place in your life has been steering you AWAY from becoming a millionaire and TOWARDS a life of servitude.

Is it a matter of working hard enough to become rich, or creating a wealth roadmap to become a millionaire?

I'm not mad at you, it's not your fault. Our education system has taught us that in order to BE successful, we must work hard.

So we work HARD to get good grades in school.

Then we work HARD to get our first job.

Then we work HARD to get a promotion and a pay raise.

If we do all of that correctly we get to the point we can generate enough excess revenue that we can begin to invest in others people's business who have figured out that working HARD has nothing to do with how much money they make. 7-Figure CEOs have figured out that it has nothing to do with how hard we work, and everything to do with how careful we lay out a roadmap that allows are money and are employees to do the walking and talking.

By simple math, if I become a millionaire and earn 8% return on investment I will generate $60,000 per year, or $6,000 of cash without touching my principle.

But, why do I have to wait until I get to the $1MM to get my 6k per month?

What will it take for you to be fully convinced that by making 6k per month of recurring revenue (that you don’t have to work for) means that you are already a millionaire? So, now that we are only solving for 6k a month, what do you need to do in order to generate that amount passively?

The greatest lie I ever heard was from my parents

Now, I love my parents, and they did a lot to set me up for success .

But what they didn’t do was to explain to me a simple fact about money. This single fact alone was the greatest impediment to my true wealth building for almost 15 years of my adult life.

What they told me was that I needed to educate, educate, educate myself in order to be successful. So I went to College, then more college, only to find out I STILL didn't have skills that would make me a millionaire

I barely had the necessary work habits, and I certainly didn't have the mindset of a future millionaire. You see, what they didn't tell me was that money was all around me, and I didnt have to work hard to get it. The very simple truth of the matter is that all I have to do is ask for it, and ask for it in exchange for the value that I create in the world

So the real truth is that I didn't need to WORK HARD, I simply needed to find opportunities to create more and more value in the world, then be prepared to receive. When I came to the realization as an entrepreneur I moved away from the trenches and into the boardroom of my business.

I assumed the identity of a leader, capable of generating high revenue and profit producing business, and because I now understood that wealth wasn’t created by hard work, I effortlessly turned by intention to creating high value in all of my transactions

Say it with me, and be prepared for the abundance to flow to you:



The 6 steps to becoming a millionaire in the next 5 years….

….and making sure you am not trading 12 hour workdays

  1. Understand, with a millionaire’s mind, what becoming a millionaire will look like.

You cannot be, what you cannot see. In order to become a specific way, you must first understand the way you must act and carry yourself.  Can you envision the manners in which a professional athlete would carry themselves- training, exercise, mindset, diet?

  1. Establish a timeframe for when you will become a millionaire, and work backwards

While you may eventually get to the end of the road if you set the directions correctly, there is no way of knowing WHEN you will get there if you don’t set your intentions.  You could ride a bike, drive a car, or fly a plane.  The route may not change, but the time it takes to get there will

  1. Determine the specific steps and milestones you must hit to become a millionaire

Once you know where you are going, and when you want to get there- now we start looking for shortcuts.  If I am riding my bike or driving my car I have to stay on the road, but if I hop on a plane I can draw a straight line 

  1. Invest smartly in a diversity of investments- including your education 

Be smart about where you invest.  Stock market and real estate are easy answers, but the real wealth accelerator exists in your mind.  Once you learn a new high value skill, you cannot unlearn it.

  1. Make tax advantaged decisions in your business

7 Figure CEOs and “Wantrepenuers” differ because they simply understand where the business can work for them and allow their profits to move the company for them

  1. Start BEing the type of person today that it takes to HAVE a million dollars tomorrow

Finally, the fastest shortcut to having the amount of money you desire and doing the activities you desire, is to BE the person you need to become that brings money to you.

A true millionaire approaches the world, creatively looks for opportunity, and reacts without hesitation.



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