What if the things YOU think have so much value aren’t the things your CUSTOMER values?


As business owners we are often times so convinced we know what our customer needs we often overlook the things they actually want


Has there ever been a time in your own life where someone was trying way too hard to convince you of some insane benefit of a product only to find out that it wasn’t something you cared about?


What was the punchline of your story?


Did you buy it anyway?


As you’ll soon discover, it is imperative for us to present our value proposition in a logical manner that aggregates the value and benefits of our service


What we really want is for someone to be so convinced in our product they have no way of saying no


We do that through Benefit Aggregation.


Here’s what it would look like:


As if XXXX isn't enough, it also does YYYY


If YYYY doesn’t seem like enough of a screaming deal, no problem- it also does ZZZ



“As if a perfectly manicured yard that every neighbor envies isn't enough, we’ll also pressure wash your driveway twice per year”


“If a perfect yard and immaculate driveway isn't enough of a screaming deal, no problem- we have a 100% happiness guarantee.  If ever you aren’t happy, all you have to do is call us”


But as you are reading this and thinking of the benefits you intend to pile on your customer, don’t get crazy. 


Here is a list of often overlooked benefits that can either be your foundation or the icing on your cake.


Showing up on time

Service after the sale

Doing what you say you’ll do the first time

Being accountable

Showing initiative

Underselling and over delivering

How I know when I am being sold- and feel excited about it!


I, of all people, should know what it looks like when a salesman is trying to close me


Sometimes I even find the sales process quite humorous when I see a desperate salesperson trying to sell something that I truly don’t want


Or, how about when someone hits me with the “Feel, Felt, Found” close and there is NO chance I am going to buy whatever they are selling


But what about when I absolutely want to purchase, can’t wait to pull my wallet out and have no care in the world what the discount may be?


There are a few things that make that happen and they almost always are around my highest values


Last year I was looking to purchase a new car and I wasn’t convinced on what make or model I was going to purchase


In this case I knew I wanted a SUV and I generally knew I needed to be able to haul the kiddos around


When I showed up to the dealership I gave the salesman the overview of what I was looking for


As he began to tell me about all the safety features and the bells and whistles, the real magic was when he asked the right questions and discovered what my motivation was


You see, I was in the process of buying a RV and making a plan for a trip


My highest value in this case was quality time with my family


Once he discovered what it was that motivated me, he began to stack the benefits that met my highest value.


In this case, here’s what the benefit looked like:

  • Rear Entertainment system that would keep the kids content on the road trip
  • Back up camera system that would connect directly to the RV and make towing a breeze
  • Big engine with towing package that would give me a smooth ride with heavy RV
  • Industry leading gas mileage when towing


As you begin to close a customer and discover what they value the most, you’ll then be able to stack on the benefits that make closing a breeze!


Comment below with a time someone nailed the close on you- what did they do that made you excited to open your wallet?


Secrets to an effortless close


How good are you or your team at closing a sale?


What’s your conversion rate?


If you are like most service business owners, you might find yourself wondering why you can’t get your prospects to close


Where will you be 1 year from now if you don’t adjust the way you make your offers?


Most Next Generation CEOs know that the deal is made long before we get to the close


But, most embattled entrepreneurs struggled with sales until they made a conscious decision to adjust the way they present their offer


Here are three easy steps to adjust your offer and to make closing sales effortless


1. Tie your offer to their highest beliefs and values


Prospects don’t buy with their mind, they buy it with their heart. Then they justify it with their mind.  If I want to implement a new CRM, I buy it because I believe it will help me generate more sales, or make the process less painful.  I justify the cost by the specific benefits it will provide.


2. Create a Benefits Stack that makes your offer truly irresistible


The value of your offer should be so impeccably clear that it becomes a no brainer to buy.  By stacking your benefits you are able to show the customer the depth of the offer.


3. Allow the prospect to discover your benefits on their own


Once you know the prospects values, and you’ve stacked all the benefits, let the prospects discover it for themselves.  Ask them questions that lead them to a specific benefit.  Instead of telling them about one of the benefits, you can simply answer their question by saying “That’s why our service does…….XXX”


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