Are you missing the biggest conversion opportunities?


My DMs are chocked full of sales pitches

 It’s almost like people don’t even try any more, they go straight in for the kill

When I think about the slimness of sliding into someone’s DMs and heading straight in for the kill it reminds me of being at the middle school dance when some young whippersnapper thinks he’s going to get away with a butt grab!

I mean come on, can’t we at least have some small talk at first!

 7 Figure CEOs have long since figured out that the “Ask” or the “Close” is only ratifying all the things that we have agreed upon already

How much profit do you think you can earn if you can master the art of persuasive writing? It seems like most entrepreneurs struggle with how to persuasively communicate through written communication

Let’s face it, attention spans are as short as they have ever been…..I frankly don’t know if they could get any shorter

 Readers often make decisions about whether to continue within a matter of seconds. Then, in their minds they make the commitment on whether or not they will take action  

Consumers of information respond in a very predictable sequence. The information they hear goes straight to their brain. Then it goes to their heart. Then it goes to their hand to take action

As you work on writing persuasively in your emails, DMs, blog posts, websites, etc you have to ask yourself if you are persuading someone to take the next step

If your content hit the mark and you were able to effectively resonate with their minds and their hearts, only then will you get them to take action

Why I just spent 42 minutes clicking “unsubscribe” 

 For some of the emails, I have no clue how I even got onto the list, because I am certainly not anywhere near close to an ideal prospect.

 I am wildly diligent about how I use my time and ensure that I am engaging in high value activities and deleting garbage emails isn’t a high value activity.

 (hence the extra effort to unsubscribe)

 For me that means that almost every hour of every day is spent focusing on one of three things:

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Relationships

Frankly, if it doesn’t better me in one of those areas I avoid it like the plague. As I power through the piles upon piles upon piles of garbage e-mails that not only detract from my productivity but don’t provide me any value, I am reminded of one of the single greatest valuable skills we have as entrepreneurs.

My ability to write persuasively is one of the highest value skills I have. It ranks amongst other high value skills like sales skills, team building, and leadership. Before discovering the value of writing persuasively, most high production entrepreneurs struggled with closing sales

 There is a terrible misconception amongst many embattled entrepreneurs that a “Close” is some kind of mastered sales technique

But what 7 Figure CEOs know is the “close” only happens AFTER the deal has been made. Our goals as entrepreneurs generally center around three things:

  • Making more money
  • Having more free time
  • Making a bigger impact on the world

 It is our DUTY to bring our products and services to the market of people who we know will benefit from them.

One of the most instrumental books I have ever read (and a very easy read) is a book by Ray Edwards called “Copy that Sells”

Do yourself a favor if you have a few minutes to gain an extremely valuable skill set and give it a read


4 Mind Bending Truths to Writing Persuasively

Have you ever felt like your messages just aren’t landing? Or perhaps you have noticed that no one ever responds or takes action? It just isn’t that hard to write persuasively when you understand a little about the “Why”

  • Most people struggle to write persuasively because they do two things wrong:
  • Fail to captivate the attention of their reader
  • Fail to provide a WIIFM (What’s in it for me)

 As you’ll soon discover, there is a  knowledge of brain function that makes it easy to write effectively. I just need you to unpack 1 thing really quickly:

EVERYTHING you learned in high school and college was wrong- literally everything

We were taught things like page counts and APA formatting mattered. That may have been true if you were trying to defend your thesis but it isn’t true if you are trying to write persuasively. Here’s what you HAVE to know about humans before you ever put pen to paper.

  1. The brain processes all communication through the reptilian brain.  This is the oldest part of your brain that processes the sensation of Fight or Flight.  In order to survive this first hurdle you have to first provide something that creates comfort in the reader instead of causing them to react with a fear based sensation.

  2. The brain then processes the information using the prefrontal cortex. This is responsible for focusing attention, predicting consequences of actions, and managing emotional responses.  In this processing the brain makes a decision based on a person's beliefs that forces them to a heads or tails decision- do I have FAITH or does this create DOUBT

  3. The brain then processes the FEELING the thought and belief has.  Does it create Anticipation or Anxiety?

  4. The last goal is to move the reader to take action by creating a function- this is literally taking an action or a response. Does your writing result in a sensation of POWER or PARALYSIS

Give the reader something to take action on…


… this…..

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