Social Selling via LinkedIn: What you might be leaving on the table


If you, like many business owners, profess that you don’t have time for LinkedIn, you are likely leaving thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars on the table.

Here’s how it usually goes for most Determined Entrepreneurs, stuck in the grind

  1. Login into LinkedIn to “check in”, likely on your phone
  2. See there are thirty friend requests from people who likely want to sell you something
  3. See thirty more messages from people who DO want to sell you something
  4. Scroll for 2 minutes and see nothing of interest
  5. Close the app and think “Well, that was a waste of two minutes”

Or, perhaps even worse, it comes time to hire someone, so you turn to LinkedIn, post a job offer on your business page, then repost it on your personal page. Wait a couple of days and get somewhere near zero responses.

The problem is that LinkedIn very simply likes consistency and algorithm gives more respect to those who use it regularly. There is a GREAT saying when thinking about how to use LinkedIn- “Sell or be Sold”

Are you the type of person that is MAKING offers or RECEIVING offers? 

The good news (and could be the best news all day) is there IS an easier way to use LinkedIn that doesn’t involve being a spammy connection. Mastery is a pursuit and a commitment, but there is a lot of great opportunity between using it wisely and becoming a master. 

But I FEEL you, because I WAS you and I want you to know that I see your frustrations. So, I put together a killer guide that shows exactly how I use my personal LinkedIn profile as a magnet for customers. And I DON’T send slimy cold e-mails asking for a phone call:

Turning “Social Media” into “Business Media”

 As a CEO, there are literally hundreds of tasks on my plate each and every day

Because I have some very specific habits of high performance, I narrow that down to the top 3 highest priorities, then a list of about 10-12 other high value activities each day. The problem for me historically was posting on social media NEVER made it to the top of the list

Why?  Because I didn’t see the value in it. Very simply, we put our attention on things we think are important. My problem was that I didn’t see any straight line between using social media and generating revenue.

 WHOOPS! Boy was I missing out

 The shift that had to happen in my own mind was to stop considering “Social” media as a social tool, and reframe it into a “Business” tool. Once I was able to completely recategorize the way I both use and consume my “Business Media” I was able to begin using it to generate revenue.

Now, I have complete intentionality about what I say and how I say it. I made a few KEY changes that now drive 10-12 new leads to ME each day, without me having to spam everyone.

One of the first changes I made after participating in a LinkedIn Mastermind was to reframe my personal LinkedIn page. Another algorithmic hack is that business pages don’t get near the AI love that personal pages do, so for lead gen- personal pages are the way to go.

There are some key, and very easy changes that can be made to turn your own profile into a lead magnet.

Turning over the leaf to generate leads from LinkedIn

Generating a plethora of leads on LinkedIn is truly very easy.I spent nearly two years mastering this method, then another year of outsourcing and delegating .

 Now, I generate 10-12 new leads per day fully on autopilot. My connection conversion rate is over 40% from a COLD audience- show me anywhere else you can convert that high. But, before I tell you how easy, what I need you to realize is that LinkedIn is a BUSINESS website.

 So, if you are selling to people who aren’t “in business”, this probably won’t work for you. So if housewives, clergy, and environmentalists are you target market, you can probably skip the rest.

However, if you are a B2B or B2C entrepreneur- I can almost guarantee you there is a boat load of leads available. Before understanding the ease of the process, many determined entrepreneurs struggled to be consistent. But after learning the process and implementing the wildly easy plan, they only regret they hadn’t done it sooner.

Here are the four key steps:

  1. Create a magnetic personal profile.  Your profile has to speak to your ideal client in THEIR words.  It has to meet them where they are to help them understand how you can help them.

  2. Target specific connections.  Use the descriptors available to be specific about WHO you want to engage with.  Think rifle…not shotgun.

  3. Conduct High Conversion Conversations. First impressions make a world of difference.  Be authentic, be integral, and be specific about what you hope to gain from a relationship with a new connection

  4. Master your messaging sequence. WIIFM- “What’s in it for me.”  If you can’t answer “so what?” Question when viewed through the eyes of your customer, you shouldn’t be writing.

Lastly, just be consistent.  Be consistent in your follow up, your messaging and your engagement.

If you are ready to learn the secrets of how to master LinkedIn….just…take….action


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