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Jet Fuel for High Performing Entrepreneurs


What if the things YOU think have so much value arenโ€™t the things your CUSTOMER values?


As business owners we are often times so convinced we know what our customer needs we often overlook the things they actually want


Has there ever been a time in your own life where someone...

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Breaking Free from Commodity Pricing


Is your pricing strategy:

1. New Customer Discount?

2. Old Customer Discount?

3. New Product Discount?

4. Old Product Discount?

5. Loss Leader?

6. “Can't afford it” discount?

If any of...

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Having No Plan is Planning to Fail


John Maxwell says a leader is one who “Knows the Way, Shoes the Way and Goes the Way”. Part of knowing the way is having an extremely clear understanding of what actions need to occur...

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Control The Destiny of your Business


If you are a believer in the law of attraction, manifestation, or a greater calling- you also believe that your business is pulled in a specific direction.

It’s like a big giant universe...

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